Create your own face mask

Updated: Aug 21

Logo Face Masks is one of UK’s leading supplier of plain and custom printed reusable face masks. We are fast becoming an internationally recognised brand, creating a little something for all types of customers, our passionate team of designers is at the heart of everything we do. Inspired by the latest trends, we are always busy dreaming up new ideas. Our face masks are made of high quality, certified, breathable materials. Available in different sizes our printed face coverings are specifically contoured to the shape of your face to provide a snug fit.

At Logo Face Masks UK we take the concept of a face mask one step further. We make your face mask an original, by being able to create branded personalised reusable facemasks. Our team is able to make your personalised reusable face mask look like anything you may want. Choose to have your name printed on the face mask to create a personal, custom creation. Choose your design, pattern, and colours to make your face masks or brand stand out from the crowd. Decide to have your text say anything you want.

Create your own face mask

Further, we are able to create promotional face masks to act as a giveaway for your next event. If you are hosting a corporate or charity event, what better give away a gift item than a promotional face mask? Choose to have your exact image and text displayed on your face mask. There is no better way to promote your company than with a promotional face mask. This is not only practical for the users of the face masks, but works as a wonderful way to promote your industry or company. A reusable face mask is used time after time, and often is displayed to countless people when out and about shopping, using public transport or in the work place. Plus, the recipient of the face mask will remember your event or company every time he or she reaches to use his or her reusable face mask. At Logo Face Masks UK the options are endless and we are able to create just the right custom creation for your next event or corporate outing.

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