Useful tips when buying your face mask

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Face Masks are going to be around for some time, so it’s important to follow the guidance from the government to ensure that you are protected when social distancing measures are not possible.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many badly made face masks that won’t protect you from much, which is why before buying it´s important to look at the design of the face mask to ensure it’s well-made and that it does the job it’s supposed to; protecting you, and others around you from dust, pollen, and other particles.

tips when buying your face mask

Multi-layer or particle resistant material

You need to ensure that the face mask you are buying is made of 2 or more layers or contains an antibacterial layer that is resistant to particulate materials and is overall fluid repellent.

Ear Straps or Head Straps

Ideally consider the type of strap used on the face masks. The most common type of fastenings are ear loops or ear straps. However, we also sell face masks that have head straps. The face masks should be adjustable to form a snug fit around your nose and mouth.


Make sure the face mask has an overall comfortable fit and has been tested for optimal breathability and is made from certified materials, such as Oeko Tex or Aitex. Here at Logo Face Masks UK, we have researched, designed, and tested our masks so that they can be used for extended periods of time.

Reusable and Washable

Our printed reusable fabric face masks are washable (reusable) to help ensure minimal impact to the environment. Whilst we recommend that they are washed at low temperatures, their efficiency has also been tested at 60c.

When it comes to branded face masks make sure you buy from a respectable source such as us! Contact us at 020 3004 7970 or

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