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Fast Delivery

Made in Europe

Choice of green materials. We use 100% certified Green cotton. Oeko-Tex

Extended with personalisation options

A variety of face masks for daily use

CompetitIve Pricing

We promote our work exclusively online which allows us to offer the lowest prices and the quickest lead times. 

Full customisation

Branded face masks are a fantastic marketing tool. Brand identity is important whether you are a small enterprise or a large corporation. We can produce customised personalised face masks designed especially for your company or clients. Just provide us with your artwork or our design team can produce a design for you. 



Whenever possible, and whilst focussing upon functionality and quality, where relevant, using newer and more sustainable materials. This means selecting high quality materials that are recycled or lend themselves to recycling, materials derived from renewable sources and ethically sourced. The key to this is supporting our suppliers in implementing innovative processes to produce more sustainable materials.

In the way we interact with our environment, unnecessary waste is no longer an option. Replacing disposable products made of non-renewable resources by reusable products or biodegradable materials is an important step forward. Also rethinking the way we pack and distribute goods give opportunities to reduce waste.